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Many current models of healthcare leave your pocketbook empty and leave you void of answers. Long wait times, quick appointments, unable to get your questions answered, you feel that perhaps, there are things being overlooked.

We are committed to bringing old-fashioned medicine back with a modern model that allows direct access, more time with your practitioner and a team that is advocating for your whole health.  This is your place to heal. We’ll help.

You Want A Different Approach

Whole You, Holistic Treatment


You Are Treated


Your body is a complex system. Your symptoms are signals indicating that one or many pieces are struggling. We look at the whole of you to address your symptoms. We dig deep to find the root cause so that the appropriate treatment is applied.

You have a care


Our team collaborates daily on our patients. You get our strengths combined to support your health. You can expect high levels of communication and all parties involved with your healing will be informed and up to date at all times.

You have


Sometimes, you just need to ask a question. Sometimes, you can’t make it in for an appointment. Maybe you just need some quick advice. Your direct primary care membership gives you direct access to your practitioner. You can text and get a quick response to your need.

Direct Primary Care

Membership Benefits

Increased time with an unhurried provider

Affordable care with no copays or extra costs

Convenient same day or next day appointments

Telehealth or phone consultations available

The Best of Both Worlds

Functional Approach + Traditional Medicine



Medically trained


Can diagnose


Can prescribe and manage medications


Can refer to specialists


Unique training in diagnostic testing

Treats underlying root causes

Alternative treatments

Personalized and supported plans

Conditions We Work With

Are you experiencing these?

Thyroid disorders

Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism

Metabolic Syndrome

Prediabetes, diabetes, insulin resistance

Women's Health

PCOS, menopause, PMS, PMDD


Celiac’s, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Arthritis, Graves disease, allergies

Adrenal disorders

Chronic fatigue, high stress

Digestive Disorders

IBS, IBD, SIBO, Chrohn’s, reflux, Celiac, Ulcerative Colitis


Joint pain, immobility, inflammation

Skin problems

Rashes, Psoriasis, Eczema

Weight Related Issues

Struggling to lose weight, needing overall health changes

Emily and her colleagues are absolutely phenomenal! They work in a professional and diligent manner to help people like me who are struggling with complex medical conditions to have the best quality of life!!! I cannot brag enough about these providers and I HIGHLY recommend them!!!!! Thank you for all you do!

Nakita S.

Functional Medicine

How we find solutions

Assess to Address

Beyond your typical bloodwork tests, functional medicine has a very investigative approach to addresing health concerns. Much of the intial consultations and appointments on an in-depth intake of history, genetics, environment, lifestyle, and selecting the best diagnostic testing. Gathering all of the data possible is necessary before determing the most customized treatment that your body needs.

Data Informed Plan

Your unique history, lifestyle and body require a unique plan. We use all of the individualized factors plus the results of testing to inform our customized plans addressing the root cause of your symptoms.

Ongoing Support

Different than traditional medicine, our team includes a Certified Functional Nutrition Specialist whose expertise is in implementation of healing nutrition and lifestyle changes. Your care doesn’t end with handing over a plan. We will help you apply it and tweak it as you heal.

Healing Services Available

Proactively Support your Wellness


Peer reviewed literature shows that sweating during sauna therapy eliminates high levels of toxic metals, organic compounds, dioxin, and other toxins.

IV Infusion

Intended for a multitude of health concerns, IV Therapy is a fast & effective way to receive benefits from vitamins and minerals that will start working for your benefit immediately.

Functional Nutrition

Food is medicine and medicine should be food. Work with our Certified Functional Nutrition Specialist for your health and wellness needs.

Guided Meditation

Learn to manage stress and the effects of stress on your body and mind through brain tapping. 

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