Wellness Benefits that Work

As a small business owner, it’s tough to decipher what insurance or wellness benefits to offer your employees considering the return of your investment. 

Insurance costs are astronomical

Other wellness programs have low compliance, low efficacy = low benefit for you and employees

Offering other benefit packages is expensive

You need to improve turnover, sick days, and morale

Wellness that works

Our solutions have high return on investment potential.


Decrease premiums by improving the health of employees


Decrease sick days


Decrease overhead costs


Increase morale


Improve employee participation


Increase retention

What’s Best For Your Business?

We offer 2 small business wellness solutions.

If you...

  • Want to keep your health insurance policy
  • Are hoping to decrease costs
  • Are looking to decrease the usage of insurance by employees by increasing their wellness

Our personalized Wellness Program is for you. Fill out the form to request a complimentary consult for your business.

Wellness Program

Our wellness program helps by decreasing high risk health in your employees by improving their wellness factors. Our program is customized based on your employee needs. It may include a combination of these things: nutrition services, use of sauna/salt room, health/wellness foundational program with accountability and support, option to come onsite, option to do it as group approach or individual approach.

If you...

  • Have an expensive insurance policy
  • Are looking for cost saving alternatives to your current policy

Direct Primary Care membership for your employees is for you. Fill out the form to request a complimentary consult for your business.

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a membership model that provides all of your general health care needs at one low cost/month. Our membership includes nutritional services. Learn more about Direct Primary Care here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my cost for each employee?

The Wellness Program cost is dependent upon the number of employees and is factored on a sliding scale.  Also taken into consideration are the options you choose when we develop your customized wellness program. You can customize to fit your budget and employee needs. There is no employee cost.

Our Direct Primary Care membership cost is $75/month/employee. You can choose what percentage you will cover and what percentage your employee will cover. 

What does my employee get?

If you choose our Wellness Program, your employees will receive nutrition services, use of our sauna and salt rooms, and a health and wellness foundational program with accountability and support.  You have the option to have us come onsite and can have us facilitate it with a group approach or an individual approach.

Direct Primary Care covers all of your employees general healthcare needs as their primary care provider.  It also includes nutritional services.  See our Direct Primary Care page for more information.

What is the benefit for my business?

The top 2 overarching goals are:

  • to improve the health and wellness of your employees
  • lower your business costs

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